Tuesday, March 10, 2015

While You Were Sleeping

I picked that title only because of the creepiness of my plaster covered face. Thankfully that washed out.

A whole lot has been happening at the Grey House Revival. There have been comings and goings, duckings and dodgings, and even a couple shenanigans. We even did a little skiing. 

What we did not do, however, is find any laurels to rest upon. So for lack of rest we worked real hard, and made some Revival Magic happen.

I was informed that I did not lavish enough attention upon our front door. It exists. When we purchased this house we didn't know there was a door hole in the current location. I discovered it with an axe and we proceeded to fill it (a year later) with a door. In all its glory:

Still don't have a knob on it. Whatever.

We also got our marble installed! Whooooo! It's so pretty and shiny honed! Sometimes I just lay myself on it and pretend its an incredibly uncomfortable, yet costly, bed. Just kidding, I don't do that.

This is a picture of us, staring into our future. Or inspecting the grout.
But seriously. That sink looks great. I built the cabinet, @ljax designed the counter, and we both harassed the marble guys into actually finishing the damn thing. Teamwork!

This is the Master Bedroom. Lauren flew to Seattle when she had a couple days off and took a Venetian plaster course from a company called Stucco Italiano. She flew home with a head full of knowledge and wild eyed dreams of what our house could become. And than she made it reality. I don't know what this style of plaster is called. It's really shiny and has a fancy Italian name like cappucinorino or something. All I know is that it looks badass and feels like glass when you touch it. Sometimes I just lay myself on it and... nevermind. When you come to visit, though, you'll find it's really hard not to run your hands over it. It's crazy. 

The brick to plaster transition turned out flawless.

This is Sammy. He's from here, but happened to move to Toronto to do fancy plaster for a fancy plaster company. He just so happens to be willing to assist us in our en devour. He's also our age, is an impeccable craftsman, and is always down to get a beer after work. Does it get any better? We are like a triumvirate of plaster nerds.

Damn! it's so glassy!


Lest you think we are developing sanity and maybe thinking of just enjoying our house for a while when it's finished, fear not. We are insane. Drumroll.......... We bought this other house:

Ok, no picture yet. I need to give all four of our readers a reason to come back and read some more. I'll just say that its terrible. It's dirty, it's scabbed together, it's full of garbage and squatter refuse. But it has SO MUCH POTENTIAL. So keep checking back, ya'll. You seriously never know when we'll drop another post...


  1. Your hard work is paying off- the house looks beautiful!

  2. Another house?!?! I can't wait to see!
    The plaster and counter and door look great! I have an antsy preschooler asking me to watch videos on my phone at 6am here, but I made him look through these pics with me instead!